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Caring for the community's feet

Treatments available are

  • Nail trimming and filing - for those who have difficulty with or just don't like doing their         own routine nail care.

  • Reduction of thickened nails - gently carried out using a drill that reduces the thickness   and smooths the surface of the nail.

  • Removal corns, calluses and hard skin - corns are treated by carefully removing the          dead skin and nucleus of the corn with a scalpel.Calluses and hard skin can either be        pared or  filed, depending on the severity.Advice on how to prevent or slow down re-           occurrences will be given. 

  • Treatment and management of fungal nail infection, athlete's foot, ingrowing toenails   ancracked heels. As these conditions are ongoing a treatment and management plan   will be discussed to suit the individuals circumstances.

  • Diabetic and High Riskfoot care and assessment - in addition to routine treatment a           thorough visual check will be routinely undertaken.  A vascular and Diabetic assessment   will be carried out during the initial assessment and then by arrangement on a six       monthly basis.  Patients with Diabetes and high risk foot conditions are offered advice   regarding their risk factors and appropriate management.

All treatments include a complimentary foot massage


Initial visit includes a full medical history,foot health check,advice and treatment. Please allow approximately 45 mins. 

Initial visit cost : £25.00

Follow up appointments are approximately 30 minutes in duration. 

Follow up appointment costs : £21.00